I have made it safely to China. In my mini adventure in flying here my plane was delayed, not once but twice. A two hour delay turned into a “we don’t know when the plane will come here.” I was thinking what in the world is going on. They airline put us in a hotel until further notice, which was nice really nice of them. The worst part was being sound asleep then you get a call saying your bus will leave at 11PM. 

Now anyone in their right mind when you are awaken by something, you just kind of say stuff. That is what I did to the call all I remember was saying “Yes, 11” then going back to sleep. Then at 11PM the phone rings again this time a wakeup call. I end up hearing three different languages which confused me even more; I was already confused when I first heard Chinese. After waiting a whole day I was finally able to fly out to China.


On the China end, I had to communicate multiple times to let them know when I would arrive in China. It ended up being I don’t know when I will get there anymore. The school I was coming to had a team ready to welcome be but things turned out differently. I ended up landing in China a little after 3AM. I was ready to figure out how to contact the people in China to come pick me up. Luckily, my last email sent before I left Taiwan went through and the people were there to pick me up.


It has now been a week in China, I will say this I do miss the friendliness and traffic of Taiwan already. It also has been interesting trying to get some simple tasks done. I tried to exchange some money but was being asked to open an account first, so right now no Chinese money. Luckily a colleague has lent me a couple hundred. When I went in to get a sim card I almost thought I wasn’t going to get one. I wanted to order a drink from a café but learned that the place didn’t have change for 100, so no drink.

Lessons learned so far:

  • Keep bills less than 100 on self or convert to mobile pay
  • I must learn Chinese 
  • Broken English will not help me get around 


Personally one of the not so easy foreign places I have been to so far.


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