This past weekend I was in Macau and Hong Kong. I’m currently in Hong Kong writing this. The main purpose of this trip is to get my China visa so I can go there next weekend. This trip could have been saved if my employer had given me a letter of employment weeks ago when I had asked for it. Maybe they truly do stick with their guns of making things hard for their employees. Regardless, God has provided a different way to apply for a visa. I hope it goes through.

I spent a total of 3 nights in these two countries. Macau is known as the Asian Vegas because of the casinos there. I was there for a night and have never been blinded by so many lights at night before. I began wondering if people ever go to sleep there. Macau was colonized by the Portuguese so there is a fusion of east on West culture here. The architecture is beautiful. You have the modern picturesque of European style building with multiple colors. A few buildings down you will see run-down looking buildings. If you use the shuttles from the casinos you get free transportation around Macau.


Ruins of St. Paul’s. Literally just the front wall of the cathedral.


I spent the remainder of my time in Hong Kong. I got lost plenty here in Hong Kong; from leaving the airport and I will assume now up until I leave. For example, I got lost in the shopping market last night. I figured the streets would look different but nope every street had two to three of the same stores, like Nike and Adidas. I ended up on the other side of town by the time I pulled out my Google maps. I didn’t do much, though more shopping then I expected. I was more overwhelmed by a number of people here. I thought having been in Seoul and Taiwan has helped prepared for this but nope. There’s still more people here in Hong Kong.


At the harbor looking out to the lights on Hong Kong Island.



Today after I leave from Hong Kong, I will have three working days left at my school. I am ready to leave but am trying to finish well too. I have never faced challenges like this quitting a job; like not being able to get an employment letter and they are trying to make me pay a fee for breaking my contract. My job here is, technically speaking, not legal here, so I am researching the labor laws for foreign teachers here in Taiwan. I have to put in more work to quit than when I was starting.





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