It was the spring semester of 2014; I was living in South Carolina. At this point in life I have already received my bachelor’s and began pursuing my master’s. I was working two part time jobs, one on campus and another off campus. My on campus job I was the night lead for the campus store; in a way night shift manager. I pretty much made the call with everything unless it was beyond my authority to do so.

We had been friends for about two years at this point. There were many memories and laughter. Often times we questioned why either one of us did what we did. She was organized, a planner and a rational thinker. I was a laid-back, go with the flow and non-rational thinker. We had our share of giving perspectives to discussions, which were really debates.

Every Monday night when I closed the store my roommate and friend would stop by, we ended work the same time, so we would walk home together. As the semester went on, she quit coming by. Even at home things were different with her. I’m the type to go and ask what is going in and individual’s life, especially those close to me. I had an idea but I wasn’t sure if that was it. So I had asked the third roommate if she knew what was going on but she didn’t know all the details. One night we had a discussion, it escalated and was the first time I have seen her truly irritated and mad. Her last words to me that night were something along the lines of just go and have fun even though you knew we were going to have this conversation. I had made planned to meet up with some other friends later that night.

If I had known the conversation was going to be like that, I probably would’ve never made plans to have the conversation. Yet when she spoke those words I was kind of glad and not. It gave me “permission” to leave, but staying and speaking to an angry person wasn’t going to be any good; so I left. From that point until the end of the semester she was “invisible”, sometimes I didn’t know if she was home or not.

After summer break, I tried to interact with her but it all ended in forms of letters; which I gave to her. That semester was the last time as we know it would be in the same part of the world. Though we went our separate ways, one thing wasn’t clear, was the friendship over? All I knew was that I didn’t want the friendship to end because she had become like family to me, a little sister.

Fast forward to three years later to around Easter 2017; one night I got a message from her. When I saw that I was surprised and wondering why after all this time now contact me yet kind of happy. I contemplated on reading the message. After reading the message I responded back and we were messaging each other in response to what was asked. If I may say after discussing the logistics of the past and what led to the current event; there was still one question left, does the friendship still exist?

After our lengthy conversations we have concluded that we still want to be friends. We currently live in different parts of the world now, she in Europe and myself in Taiwan. The hard part is how to proceed since we live so far from each other. Had it been when we lived closer to each other it’d be easier. All we know for now is to do our part in staying in contact with each other. I can only say this is God at work to allow people to reconnect after time has gone by. I am really grateful to have my sister friend back.


far away
Probably how we felt after reconnecting.


Reconnecting with my friend reminded me of a few things. First, I was reminded of how great God is. I have seen miracles and wonders but have forgotten how great he is in the midst of this life that I live. He has been in my back pocket. Secondly, God takes his time, in the words of one of my professor’s, “God is not in a hurry, he grows things.” He takes his time to mold and shape people even if it seems like such a long time for us. Lastly, 1 John 1:6 came to mind often it says “If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth” (KJV). It made me look at my life in perspective of my spiritual life, is my life one of a lie or one of truth? This is just one of the myriad of questions I have running through my mind as I look at my spiritual life to life in general.


Thinking Mode.



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