I have been in Taiwan now for about three months. It has been an experience with my job. I started at training with I can do this. When I arrived at my branch I was a bit nervous. Then when I began teaching I was ready to quit my job. Now I have a better grasp of what I need to do, but I still do not like the job I have with my school. Only with God’s grace have I been able to sustain this job up to this point. Otherwise I think I would have left within my first month teaching with the school.

Through my months of struggling, as I have mentioned in a previous post, I miss Bible teaching. I have been looking for jobs in the ministry field or teaching jobs within a Christian setting. I have been pondering whether I have been running from what I was supposed to be doing the whole time, Bible teach. I have also been considering a job offer I was given, if I take it I will move to another country. It is a Christian base school which I think I will be more content there.

Aside from school, life has been pretty good. I am slowly learning Chinese now. I don’t know enough to order food but I hope to get there. I know words for certain things but I don’t retain it because of the lack of repetition. I also know a couple Chinglish words because of my students. I’m functional like a local minus the language part. If I can’t find something I ask my Chinese coworkers or google.

So far on weekends I have spent them at cafes and coffee shops. They are my second home here. There are a couple I that like some I just kind of wonder why they exist. So far I have enjoyed my time at Mumu 小倫 (Little London), Gemi café (which is Aussie theme) and 190 café house. I do plan on visiting more than coffee shops and cafés in the future. I want to bike the whole country. I learned that you can bike Taiwan in 2 weeks time. If I can’t bike the country I would at least want to bike the west coast of the country and end up in southern Taiwan.


pokemon water








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