As I type this post, it has been three weeks since I have began teaching English. The start of the job was rough. Training did not prepare me well for what I was going to do, but it did at least help me not have to figure everything on my own. After my second week of teaching I was ready to quit this job and move back to America.

Now I have become familiar with what I have to do and how to teach, the struggles aren’t as bad. The things I despise most about my job is have to incorporate the arts into my curriculum, not the arts and crafts. Parents spend a lot of money to send them to this school and they want to see their kids speak English, I get it. I rather have them come and watch me teach a class versus putting together a skit and choreography it. I don’t do well in this area.

Although I am getting use to the routine and getting the hang of it, in the back of my mind quitting still lingers. I have questioned why I am here. I have wondered if this was what I am suppose to do for now. Now I am wondering what am I suppose to learn while I am here. There are so many thoughts going through my head as to what I am doing here. I hope God reveals to me in due time what it is. I need to be patient in all of this.

Since I have been here I have learned that I do not enjoy teaching in a school setting. I have some room for creativity and flexibility but I still have to adhere to the teaching curriculum they have here. I rather teach and talk to people about life not teach them about English. I have also begun making progress towards my dreams and goals. It just took moving halfway around the world to make it happen. There is something about not being in an environment that is too comfortable that allows me to not be lazy. Right now I do not know if that is good or bad.

As I embrace the moment quitting still lingers and questions still asked. I am still planning to finish out my contract as I had signed. I am enjoying my time here in Taiwan. I have not been able to go see much as it has been raining almost every weekend so far. I cannot wait until the next beautiful weekend that comes. I am ready to go explore the west coast of the country where I live, although the east coast has more of the scenic nature view.


cafe pic
My second home are cafes in the area. This is 19o Café House.




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