When I go to a 7-11 or when I see one it often reminds me of Apu from the Simpsons. If you have seen the Simpsons you know that his Kwik-E-mart you can do anything there. Here in Taiwan that one stop place for almost anything you can possibly need is at a local 7-11. I know many of you may have heard of the possibilities of what can be done there. I will assume we are on the same page on what we heard but man I heard you can do even more while I have been here.

In a local 7-11 here it looks like your basic convenience store. They sell snacks, candies, drinks, alcohol, tobacco and hot foods. They also have either bar style seating or tables sometimes both. You also see two ATM machines one is an ATM machine the other offer other services, and a copy machine. If you turn on your phone you can get free wifi but the catch is you need a local number to access the free wifi.

At a 7-11 you can do the following:

  • ·        Pay your bills
  • ·        Sit there and eat
  • ·        Have stuff delivered there
  • ·        Have your clothes cleaned
  • ·        Refill on prepaid minutes
  • ·        Sit there like it’s a café
  • ·        Pay with an easy card (metro pass)
  • ·        Copy and fax
  • ·        I was told you can get a sim card there
  • ·        Buy liquor, it’s a small section but it’s there
  • ·        Buy health and beauty products, they have more than shampoo.

This is everything that I was able to find out so far as to what you can do at a 7-11. I’m sure I may have missed a couple of things. As many people say here, “You can do almost everything at a 7-11.” I believe it too, I was told to go pay for my utilities at 7-11 every month.  


The café side of 7-11.



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