I’m a little slack in my updates but training has been officially since the 22nd of this month. I’m glad to be done it began to drag a little bit after day three or so. There were so much information shared with us, I hope something was retained in my mind during the duration of training. When you sit for 7-8 hours, a lot of information is shared. Then you go and hangout with colleagues at least for dinner, it can take a toll on an individual. As draining as it was I also enjoyed it and hopefully made some lasting relationships with some colleagues.

During training there were quite a few people with an English accent, not all from the U.K. After interacting with them for the past week and a half, I picked up some of their intonations and accent in certain words. I don’t think it’ll stick with me though.

Now that training is over I will no longer be in Taipei, I have been placed in the district of Taishan which is in the Sanchong area. During training some people have decided that this wasn’t for them and left the training; this happened after we have received our assignments. Then the team had to readjust some things and I was offered the opportunity to change branches if I so desire to. I asked for information about the new place. I was told it is a large city of about 1 million people and still in development. When I was told this I was surprised because I considered that to be a huge city since large cities in the US don’t run that big.

After weighing out my options and choosing it solely base one what they tell me only I chose to move my assignment to Taoyuan. I figured I will be city enough for me and having been in a small town my whole life a little change won’t hurt.

Now begins my adventures in learning how to be a functional citizen in Taiwan. As of posting this blog I have found a place and got lost on my first day walking to work, in the rain! Man was that an adventure, when every alley looks like the last one you was just looking down. The confusion is real.



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