My first full week here in Taiwan has not been eventful but a lot of learning. I have spent my first three days looking around the Taipei area. When day four began, training started for me. The week of training with Hess was pretty intense. There were forty of us over the course of the week a couple of them realized that teaching English to kids was not there thing.

We learned so much during the week, we were all exhausted from all the learning and demonstrations we had to do. Luckily today they gave us a full day off from training which in turn allows me to be away from people and recharge. Briefly my daily routine was like this for the week: wake up, breakfast, walk to the office, training/demo, lunch, training/demo, walk back/or grab dinner. Next week will be the second week of training for me. I hope it doesn’t feel long like this past week.

They took us on a bus tour, which I don’t really remember. I spent most of it being fascinated by what I saw as we drove not what I heard. I recall there being some history being shared as well as the Western’s go to places in the Taipei area; I only remember IKEA being pointed out.

Throughout the training week I interacted and met with many people from all over. I have come to only interact with a couple of people instead of the myriad of people there. I’m glad that it’s like this that way I am able to know them well and develop better relationships with them. Although we will be placed at different branches, it’ll still be good keep those relations so when we to feel at home we have each other.

I’ll be posting a blog about my own thoughts soon when I have collected my thoughts.

Here are a few snap shots that aren’t food.

Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei
Processed with MOLDIV
Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei
Processed with MOLDIV
Chaing Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Processed with MOLDIV
Chaing Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Processed with MOLDIV
Mercedes-Benz pop-up store in downtown.
Processed with MOLDIV
Burning money to ancestors. The little bins are a common thing to see on the streets.

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