Yesterday was day two in Taipei I spent it looking for a coffee shop, going on a tour and hanging out with future colleagues. My roommate and I made our way to Ximending to find a coffee shop a friend told me about, The Aroma. When we got to Ximen there were lanterns still set out from the festival they are having; I think today is the last day for them. I was excited to go to this coffee shop because I haven’t had a good cup of coffee since I have been here. I am a skeptic when it comes to Asian own coffee shops; I haven’t had a good cup from one.

We made a big circle before we were able to find the place. When you are in a new area there’s nothing like guessing which direction you ought to go. The coffee shop is a nice cozy place, it has two floors. The first floor is the barista work area with outside seating and the second floor indoor seating. I think I will be coming back to this place if I’m not relocated to far from it.

Around mid-afternoon we joined other colleagues on a group tour with an organization called tourmeaway. You can check them out here They do free tours but do take donations at the end. We toured what they title “Old Taipei”, where we walked from the east gate to the west gate. It was informative because I don’t know much of Taiwan’s history. It also happened to be lantern festival as well so there were more people than expected in some areas during the tour.

We end around dinner time. A few colleagues and I went to Raohe Night Market to go grab some food. I had some killer dumplings it hit the spot for me. The market itself is one street maybe 3-4 blocks worth of walking. I will have to say it is the most dense night market I have been to. I think because the walk way is more narrow compared to the other ones I have been to. As we were standing around waiting for some individuals to finish their food. The volume of the group got louder and I began to feel embarrassed to stand with them. Those eyes looking at you when they walk by and the face made with it. My first hand experience as to why countries think Americans are loud and obnoxious.



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