While I am writing this paragraph, I am waiting for my departure from Atlanta to San Francisco. It is suppose to depart at 1935 but has been delayed by a hour so now I am looking at possibly missing my connecting flight. I was told I will have about a 40 minute window to catch my connecting flight.

The plane from Atlanta departed at 2035 but once we got to the runway we are delayed by another 10 minutes because we have not been cleared for takeoff yet. At this point I am thinking I better not have to rebook another flight. The plane lands in San Francisco at about 2308 and now I am looking at the time okay I still have about 30 minutes to get to my connecting flight; it departs at 0005.

I get off the plane and begin walking fast. I am walking in boots carrying a bag that weighs about 15 lbs, a large Bible, Lotso and a laptop bag. I am not one to walk fast so this was pushing it. I get to the train to get to the international terminal and I look at the time, there’s 25 minutes left to takeoff. I begin walking fast to the international checkpoint to catch my flight; suddenly the guard said I needed a new boarding pass. In my head I was saying not pleasant words. I go and get a new boarding pass with China Airline. The night crew that was still there said that they’ll have to see if the gate is closed or not since it was boarding already. The manager comes out and says they are waiting for me so I have to go fast.


I begin running from the check-in counter in my boots and carrying all those stuff. I go through the checkpoint then have to get a pat down because of technology error. As the lady is doing the pat down, I ask her how far A9 is from here she said about a 5 minute walk. After being cleared I grab my stuff from the conveyor belt and begin putting stuff in pockets so I don’t miss my flight. A lady ask me where I was going I told her A9, she said you better hurry they are waiting for you. I begin running down the airport carrying all my stuff and people looking at me like “she should have arrived a whole lot early.”

As I near the end of the wing I see 7 and 8 but I do not see 9. I got closer and saw that it was downstairs. I go downstairs and the night crew is all standing there waiting for me. It is cool that they held the plane for me but at the same time they didn’t have to. After I boarded and got settled in I looked at my watch to only see that I got there at about 2350. I was impressed despite the amount of obstacles in the way. I really appreciated the fact that China Airline waited for me so I didn’t have to wait for another flight. I thank God that despite these different obstacles that came with this flight I was still able to make all of the departures on time. All this to say that I have made it safe to Taiwan.^^


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