Yesterday was my first full day in Taiwan. There is nothing like wondering the streets of Taipei when you are tired and hunger. I learned how to use the MRT (subway). I will say that was the easiest thing that I learned so far my first day here. I wondered the streets with my roommate who ironically is from SC. She is a character and also knows more Chinese then I do. Together we navigated through Taipei. She spoke the Chinese, I was the map.

We navigate our way to Elephant Mountain, where we also learned how to get a MRT (subway) card and accustom ourselves to how the system works. I still do not understand why there are stairs when you climb a mountain. This gets me everytime and will probably always get me when I climb a mountain in Asia. When we got to the top it is a beautiful view I only wish it wasn’t cloudy that day.

When you wonder the streets right after getting off the plane you get hungry. Airplane food doesn’t match up to eating fresh food. I was looking for places that had some English while my roommate was looking for characters she can recognize and say. We were able to get steamed pork buns, dumplings and Taiwanese Turkish food. At a 7-11 I was able to get Mr. Brown Coffee brand for .74 cents USD. I did not buy much food for the first day but I spent only $7 USD for everything that day.

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I would have to say not to bad of a first day after a 13.5 hour flight. I know that the struggles are real and will set in in a couple days. I am a non functional being in Taiwan right now and I don’t like it.

Here in Taiwan I am and will enjoy my time here. When training begins on the 13th it will still determine if I can be a successful employee with my school Hess. Successful training is employment for the next year. I believe I made myself nervous but I think the nervousness will subside by then.


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