I had recently accepted a position to teach English as a foreign language back in November, now as time draws near to my departure to Taiwan; I am filled with emotions of excitement and nervousness. The move fills me with excitement because I will be starting a new adventure in a new place where I know nothing or anyone. I am nervous because I will be going to a place where I do not know how to be a functional person in that country yet. Let alone I will be teaching English as a foreign language which I did not formally prepare for nor ever thought I would do this.


As I clean and pack, the thought of “I am really moving out of the country” and “What did I just do for the next however long with my life” is hitting me. I have also been hanging out with friends, former colleagues and those that I consider to be family to me; it has made me realize some things about life. The amount of time that I have known these individuals I will miss the uniqueness they bring to the conversations and interactions that I had with them. They helped share perspectives and wisdom which I would probably not have gained until later in life. The myriad of jokes told, discussions, working, studying, laughter, coffee runs, eating food and so much more; I will miss doing these things with them. They have imparted knowledge into my life that has allowed me to think about life differently, whether it be in a subtle or big way. There is still more that can be said about them but I will end it here. I can only hope that I was able to do the same for them.


Some people have asked me what my goal(s) are while I am over there. Frankly I do not have any and it is perfectly fine. I do know that I am going to enjoy this opportunity that I have been bless with and see where it will take me. I have been asked if it is an indefinite move, I cannot say. The unknown is uncertain and I think that a solid answer cannot be given but only hopes of things turning out the way one desires them to. If I were to put a goal on this experience it would be to see if this is the can food that I should to be eating for the next however long in my life. If it is not, after the first can is empty or when enough is consume; it will be time to try a new can food.

I think that this is God’s way of showing me that what I currently have planned is not the only way to have that dream job. I have consumed enough corn during this period of life; it is time to try the black beans for this next part of life.


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